TJ and Michaela met in the summer of 2008, as team members of The Untouchables flag football team. As anyone can probably imagine, the exact story differs slightly, depending on who you ask, but they both can agree that their union seemed highly unlikely, given their first interaction; in hindsight, the couple calls it "love at first fight." The story goes something like...TJ was an existing player on the team, who did not take kindly to new untested teammates, especially those flaunting full coverage make-up, eyelash extensions, a fresh hairdo and a "cutesy" outfit on the first day. But little did TJ know, Michaela was a fierce former Division 1 athlete, who could score a touchdown on you, just as quickly (and as willing) as she could "bring it up sexy."

So the football game began, and shortly thereafter, Michaela scored her first touchdown. In true BX fashion, Michaela started stunting and dancing and celebrating the score. So, TJ felt the need to "check her," and stated, "we don't celebrate on this team; we act like we've been here before." Michaela gave him the evil eye, followed by a smile and then she continued her celebration dance right in his face. The two exchanged a playful grin, squashed the beef, and the rest is history.

After a few months of flirting, several late nights of talking and a touch of plotting (on both parts), TJ and Michaela began dating; and shortly thereafter, the two professed their loved for one another. Michaela loved that TJ possessed good family values; that he was romatic, gentle and kind, but strong at the same time. TJ loved Michaela's ambition and her independence, and her unique ability to make him laugh, when he was trying to be serious. They both loved that they could spend their Sundays together, watching football, even though he's a Cowboys fan and she rolls with the Giants. Ask them and they'll say "It just works."

And after 3 years of date nights, and vacations in Mexico, and love letters, and funny texts, and flowers at the airport, and birthday surprises, and etc etc, the couple learned that they were to share something a bit sweeter than those wonderful memories - a beautiful baby boy, with his mother's eyes and his father's name.

Then, on a rainy February night in downtown DC, TJ got down on one knee and proposed to Michaela. If you're reading this story, then you know what she said (wink). The engagement capped off a perfect Valentine's Day weekend for the two and kicked off their much anticipated wedding bliss...